The M.N.G. is located in the splendid ducal city of Vigevano (PV) and is an artisan firm specialized in the production of fins and monofins on misure of the highest level. During the course of the years we have worked for the most famous brands of scuba and in the production of technical articles for shoemachinery, maturing   high experience in the processing of rubber and resins

An experience handed down  from three generations , born from the Rubber and Resins printing" NEGRINI" (my grandpa Riccardo),  then became "ENNEGI of Negrini Giovanni" (my father) who created the first monofin entirely made in Italy.

The "M" of Massimo has only gathered this precious heritage, evolving it with the development of the latest technologies and materials.

The range of our products was developed to satisfy the most demanding requests in the field of apnea, finswimming, lifesaving, rugby and underwater hockey. 

The fins that we made are rigorously assembled and hand finished in every detail, with all the necessary care and experience to offer a customized and exclusive product.

Who owns an our "creature", owns a piece of our life and our history........

Massimo Negrini 

MNG state of the art fins

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